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We have grown rapidly within the industry over the last few years, laying strong foundations for relationships with both staff and clients. Our vision is to build upon these existing relationships as well as forging new partnerships in order to further enhance and expand our interests in this area. 

We approach every project individually.

We work collaboratively with our clients assessing all aspects from project inception to completion in order to determine the best solutions and most appropriate individuals to the client and project requirements. 

We provide all required personnel for all stages of tunnelling works from TBM assembly, and the tunnelling works through to TBM disassembly and tunnel snagging works.

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Providing all required personnel including:

  • TBM Supervisor (assembly/disassembly and operation)
  • TBM Operator
  • Pit Boss
  • Lead Miner
  • Ring Builder
  • TBM Fitter (assembly/disassembly and operation)
  • TBM Electrician
  • Underground Labourer
  • Compressed Air Workers
  • Tunnel Injection Operatives
  • MSV Operator
  • Loco Operator
  • Cutting Head Inspections
  • Tool Changes under Compressed Air Conditions

In addition to providing TBM crews, we know that all aspects of the workforce directly supporting the tunnelling works are integral to smooth project progress.

Slurry separation/treatment plant works

AH Tunnelling has extensive experience in the erection and operation of the slurry separation and treatment works.

On previous projects, we worked very closely with our client to develop the optimum layout of the STP to provide the client with the best solution for the project.

We provide all required personnel for both erection and operation of slurry separation and treatment works through to the disassembly of the slurry treatment plant.

  • STP Superintendent
  • STP Supervisor
  • STP Operative

For erection and disassembly works please refer to steel services.

Slurry Separation/Treatment Plant Erection & Operation

  • Dewatering screens
  • Cyclone and multi-cyclone separation stages
  • Silo erection
  • Filter press erection
  • Operation of STP and filter press systems

Surface crews

At AH Group we believe that quality above ground staff is equally as important as the tunnelling operatives in order to ensure continuous and steady progress of the works. We possess the following services within our portfolio.

  • Surface Supervisor
  • Segment Repair
  • Telehandler Operative
  • Gantry Crane Operator
  • 360 Crane Operator
  • Pit Bottom Man
  • Top Man
  • General Operatives

Workshop maintenance

We pride ourselves in strong maintenance crews in order to ensure a smooth site setup, TBM Launch and maintenance throughout the tunnelling drive.

Providing fabrication and alteration services, plant reconditioning, plant maintenance with an adaptive environment set to supply the ever-changing requirements of an operating site.

  • Workshop supervisors
  • Metal Fabricators
  • Fitters
  • Loco/MSV mechanics
  • Coded Welders


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